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Pilotos Published date: 15/11/2013 Modified date: 14/09/2014
  • País: España

descriptionAutopilots respond to course through the reference of the compass, but this is usually slow navigation in difficult conditions (following seas, wind, waves, etc. ..)Ray angular gyro for measuring the cadence autopilots having to deviate from the direction vessel by waves, wind load, establishing a logarithmic to maintaina course precise yaw control automatic quick reaction for course correctionSelf learning of the vessel as the variables (rudder gain, speed, trimer, etc. ..)Features: GYRO for smart pilot RAY S1, S2, S3. at (G) Course computers Typ 150 300 400 A (G) Typ100/300 Compatible with the particularity that only has 3 levels of accuracy dimensions: 80 x 70 x 40 mm include: RAY GYRO manual Cable connection

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