700 Euros € Bullflex Vetus USED en Gerona

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Accesorios Motor Published date: 22/10/2015
  • País: España
  • Región: Cataluña
  • Ciudad: Gerona

BULFL1612, Bullflex used in good condition, a few hours, good rubber, painted green volvo
1.5 inch shaft 38mm

The Vetus Bullflex Coupling has been specially designed to ensure optimum damping of vibration, with excellent ease of installation.

Its pre-tensioned rubber element ensures low-noise and vibration-free transmission, without backlash between the engine and the propeller shaft.

Another strong point of the Bullflex coupling is the excellent alignment; even with a misalignment of 2°, the shaft will remain perfectly centered.

Very high flexibility
Optimum damping of vibrations
Secured against shearing off (axially and radially)
Misalignment of up to 2° permissible
Excellent centering of the shaft, allowing for high shaft revolutions, even at 2° misalignment
The shaft will remain centered even in reverse gear
Possibility to remove the centering ring
Built-in thrust damper
Non-tapered clamping hub, for perfect centering and easy assembly/dismantling
Which Size Bullflex Coupling do I need?
The calculation is fairly simple - to determine the HP/100 r.p.m ratio figure the equation is:
(Engine HP x 100) / The maximum speed of the propeller shaft.

Technical Data
Bullflex Coupling Specification
Bullflex Type: 16
Pleasure Craft Ratio (HP): 17.1
Commercial Craft Ratio (HP): 13.3
Max Torque (Pleasure): 1200 Nm
Max Torque (Commercial): 935 Nm
Max RPM (Zero Misalignment): 4000
Max RPM (2° Misalignment): 2000
D mm: 205
L mm: 197
d mm: n/a
d inch: 1.50

Dimensional Details
Model: Bullflex Type 16 - 1-½"
Drawing: Vetus Bullflex Coupling

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